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for Tuesday, March 26

Make your own PERSONAL opinions count on...

For each question, select whichever choice
best matches your own PERSONAL opinion.

Try to answer EVERY question -- even if some
are so tough you have to toss a mental coin.

All the answers to this survey are
So don't hesitate to tell the truth.

The results of today's survey, including YOUR
votes, will be used in tomorrow's game of...
Majority Says !!!


Would you rather have your own, private, 24-hour-a-day...
Back-scratching person
Stand-up Comic

In a typical day, do you worry more about...
World hunger
How your hair looks

The main course is liver...

"What's good for the goose is good for the gander." Good advice?
Why are you asking ME? Do I look like a gander to you???

In YOUR humble opinion, which Bill is more handsome...
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton
Zillionaire Bill Gates

Do YOU believe...
Intelligent life exists on other planets
We are alone!

Would you rather have a one-week vacation at the...
'Ice Hotel' in Antarctica
'Underwater Hotel' in Bermuda

Have you ever gone the wrong way on an escalator?
Yes, I confess
No, I'm innocent!

Would you rather be more...

Assuming it was safe -- AND FREE -- which would you rather have in your bathroom...
A television with cable, and a VCR
A computer connected to the Internet

Now, to make your votes count...